Do you have any queries regarding the formulations or directions for use of our cosmetics? Are you interested in whether our cosmetics are natural or suitable for your skin? Do not know if there are vegan products in our offer? Please get acquainted with the list of frequently asked questions and answers prepared by us, which will help you deepen your knowledge on our cosmetics.

No, we do not use the aforementioned detergents in Vis Plantis products.

The term Paraffinum Liquidum appearing in the list of ingredients (INCI) does not mean paraffin, but Vaseline oil. It is a safe ingredient, approved for use in cosmetics.

No. We have a network of distributors of Vis Plantis cosmetics both in Europe, Asia, Middle East (Iraq, UAE) and North Africa (Morocco). In Europe, our cosmetics can be found, among others, in Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Romania or Hungary. In Asia, we are available in Malaysia and Taiwan.

Absolutely not. Let us emphasize it again, we do not order such tests. Never have our products been nor will ever be tested on animals, this is incompatible not only with EU law, which we must follow as a producer, but also with our values. Elfa Pharm Polska, the owner of Vis Plantis brand, supports several funds and charities helping animals, including “Medor” Shelter for Dogs in Zgierz and the Viva foundation. The fate of animals is relevant to us, so we do not take any action that could harm them.

No. Similarly to cosmetics as such, their ingredients cannot be tested on animals. The ban introduced by EU also applies to the Polish market.

Yes. Some of our cosmetics contain ingredients of animal origin. In particular, the line that contains snail secretion filtrate. Filtrate extraction is carried out periodically by means of safe and controlled methods that do not cause any harm to snails.

No. Our cosmetics are not tested on animals. European Union law, specifically Regulation No. 1223/2009, regulates this matter, completely banning animal testing of cosmetic products.